Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

Duration : 20 Hours

Agile course is a process course to equip the people about the Agile methodology, it's History, it's relevance in today's software devolpement industry, various Agile approaches, benefits and challenges, Agile terminologies.

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
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1. Waterfall vs. Agile
1.1 Description of Waterfall (Traditional Approach to software development)
2. Introduction to Agile Software Development
2.1 What's Agile.
2.2 Introduction to Agile
3. Key characterstics of Agile
3.1 Important characterstics of Agile Process
4. Agile Manifesto
4.1 Agile History.
4.2 Various Agile principles.
5. Agile Planning
5.1 Five levels of Agile Planning
6. Benefits and Challenges
6.1 Benefits and Challenges of Agile
7. Agile Methods
Various Agile Methods - Extreme Programming, Agile Unified Process, Crystal Clear Methods, Feature Driven development, Dynamic Systems development Methods, Lean Software development, Kanban (development), Scrum
8. Scrum Approach
8.1 Introduction to Scrum.
8.2 Scrum History.
8.3 Framework.
8.4 Scrum participants.
8.5 Terms and Definitions.
9. Details of Scrum
9.1 Scrum artifacts.
9.2 User stories.
9.3 Story lifecycle.
9.4 Reporting in scrum - sprint burndown.
9.5 Release burndown
10. Activities
10.1 Various class activites for better Agile Understanding

Basic working experience on any software project

The course material is designed to cover below topices -
a. Waterfall vs. Agile
b. Introduction to Agile
c. History of Agile
d. Various Agile Methods
Most Popular Agile Approach -
a. Introduction to Scrum
b. Scrum Framework
c. Details of Scrum approach

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