Ansible Deep Dive

Ansible Deep Dive

Duration : 20 Hours
Ansible Deep Dive course covers the basics of DevOps, architecture of Ansible and its associated tools. It prepares key development, engineering, and operations staff to write infrastructure using Ansible. Each of the core units in the course has hands on exercises to reinforce the material. At the end of the course, students will have good Ansible expertise to solve real business problems.

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
24/7 Support Live Class Video Recording

1. Introduction to Devops
2. Introduction to Ansible
2.1 Very brief history and reason for development of Ansible
2.2 Brief comparison with Saltstack and others
2.3 Benefits and limitations of using Ansible
3. YAML basics
4. Ansible Architecture
5. Ansible Terminologies
5.1 Hosts/
5.2 Host Groups
5.3 Inventory
5.4 Play
5.5 Playbook
5.6 Roles
6.Ansible Setup
6.1 Ansible-core
6.2 Ansible tower (trial version)
7. Installing LAMP using ansible
8. Advanced Ansible topics
8.1 Variables
8.2 Filter
8.3 Templates
8.4 Tags
8.5 Loops
8.6 Conditions
9. Ansible modules
9.1 Overview of commonly used modules
9.2 How to write your own module
10. Configuration Management with ansible
11. Ansible with other devops technologies
11.1 Amazon
11.2 Openstack

Ayone having the knowledge of basic linux system commands can do this course.

  1. One should able to understand Ansible playbooks
  2. One should be able to write his own playbook
  3. One should be able to write his/her own custom modules
  4. Interfacing with other devops tools should be possible.

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