Hadoop Administration

Hadoop Administration

Duration : 20 Hours

You can’t talk about BigData for too long without mentioning Hadoop! Hadoop is a framework to store and process distributed data over multiple nodes of a cluster. It's leading the market in the world of Big Data. Your big data application can continue running even if a few clusters fail. Learn all about Hadoop and Map reduce with along with hands on experience. This course focusses on Hadoop Basics (internals) ,setting up and administering clusters.

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
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1. Hadoop Introduction
1.1 Introduction to Hadoop.
1.2 History of Hadoop.
1.3 Basics
2.1 HDFS basics.
2.2 How it works?
2.3 Features
3. Mapreduce
3.1 Mapreduce Basics 
3.2 How it works?
3.3 Internal Workings
4. Hadoop Cluster Setup
4.1 Single-Node Cluster Setup
4.2 Multi-Node Cluster Setup
5. Hadoop Maintenance
5.1 Managing Resources and Cluster Health Adding and removing data nodes. 
5.2 Administering MapReduce.
5.3 Managing MapReduce jobs Commissioning.
5.4 decommissioning compute nodes
6. Extending Hadoop
6.1 Enabling SQL-like querying with Hive.
6.2 Installing Pig to create MapReduce jobs.
6.3 Integrating additional elements of the ecosystem.
6.4 Configuring Oozie to schedule workflows



Hands on experience working on Linux operating systems

The course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience.
Topics include:
* Hadoop Basics (concepts and commands)
* Setting up and administering hadoop clusters (multinode clusters)
* Understanding technologies in the hadoop stack

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