Chef Deep Dive

Chef Deep Dive

Duration : 20 Hours
Chef Deep Dive course covers the basics of DevOps, architecture of Chef and its associated tools. It prepares key development, engineering, and operations staff to write infrastructure using Chef. Each of the core units in the course has hands on exercises to reinforce the material. At the end of the course, students will good chef expertise to solve real business problems.

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
24/7 Support Live Class Video Recording

  1. Introduction
  2. Why DevOps
  3. Overview of Chef
  4. Workstation Setup
  5. Node Setup
  6. Chef-client
  7. Dissecting your first Chef run
  8. Introducing the Node object Chef
  9. Testing cookbooks
  10. Details about the system
  11. Resources and Recipes
  12. Ruby Basics
  13. Attributes, templates, and cookbook dependencies
  14. Template variables, notifications, and controlling idempotency
  15. Recipe inclusion, data bags, and search roles
  16. Environments
  17. Using community cookbooks
  18. Chef client run internals
  19. Cookbook style and correctness
  20. Write chef cookbook to create nodes on OpenStack/AWS/Azure Cloud
  21. Write chef cookbook to setup passwordless ssh based cluster

Good to have basic knowledge & hands on experience on Linux System.

* Introduce and Understand DevOps and Application Virtualization
* Relate the Architecture of Chef and its related tools
* Creating Chef DevOps Enviornment
* Explore the Most Common Use Cases for Chef DevOps
* Writing ChefCookbooks and exploring power of attributes, role, data bags, and search roles
* Autmoation of infrastructure using Chef DevOps on OpenStack/AWS/Azure Cloud

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