Docker Deep Dive

Docker Deep Dive

Duration : 20 Hours

This course will explore Docker from the very basics of installation and function to an in depth review of the use cases and advanced features. We will talk about how Docker is architected in order to provide a better understanding of how to manage Linux Containers using the Docker Client. Once we have a good understanding of the basics, we will dive into the advanced use cases and really uncover the power of the entire system.

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
24/7 Support Live Class Video Recording

1. Introducing Containers
1.1 Introducing Containers
1.2 The Rise of the Virtual Machine
1.3 The Ugly Virtual Machine
1.4 What Are Containers?
1.5 Containers Under the Hood
1.6 Docker
1.7 The Future of Docker and Containers
2. Installing and Updating Docker
2.1 Module Intro
2.2 Installing Docker on CentOS
2.3 Updating Docker
2.4 Granting Docker Control to Non-root Users
2.5 Configuring Docker to Communicate Over the Network
2.6 Playing Around with Our First Docker Container
2.7 Hands on excersie
3. Major Docker Components
3.1 Module Intro
3.2 The High Level Picture
3.3 The Docker Engine
3.4 Docker Images
3.5 Docker Containers
3.6 Docker Hub
4. A Closer Look at Images and Containers
4.1 Module Intro
4.2 Image Layers
4.3 Where Images Are Stored
4.4 The Top Writeable Layer of Containers
4.5 One Process per Container
4.6 Commands for Working with Containers
4.7 Hands on exercises
5. Container Management
5.1 Module Intro
5.2 Starting and Stopping Containers
5.3 PID 1 and Containers
5.4 Deleting Containers
5.5 Looking Inside of Containers
5.6 Low-level Container Info
5.7 Getting a Shell in a Container
5.8 Hands on exercises
6. Troubleshooting
6.1 Module Intro
6.2 Docker Daemon Logging
6.3 Container Logging
6.4 Hands on exercises
7. Building from a Dockerfile
7.1 Module Intro
7.2 Introducing the Dockerfile
7.3 Creating a Dockerfile
7.4 Building an Image from a Dockerfile
7.5 Hands on exercises
8. Working with Registries
8.1 Module Intro
8.2 Creating a Public Repo on Docker Hub
8.3 Using Our Public Repo on Docker Hub
8.4 Introduction to Private Registries
8.5 Docker Hub Enterprise
8.6 Hands on exercises
9. Diving Deeper with Dockerfile
9.1 Module Intro
9.2 The Build Cache
9.3 Dockerfile and Layers
8.4 Building a Web Server Dockerfile
9.5 Launching the Web Server Container
9.6 The CMD Instruction
8.7 The ENTRYPOINT Instruction
9.8 The ENV Instruction
9.9 Volumes and the VOLUME Instruction
10. Docker Networking
10.1 Module Intro
10.2 The docker Bridge
10.3 Virtual Ethernet Interfaces
10.4 Network Configuration Files
10.5 Exposing Ports
10.6 Viewing Exposed Ports
10.7 Linking Containers
10.8 Hands on exercises
10. Docker Volumes
11. Docker Compose
12. Docker Swarm

Good to have basic knowledge & hands on experience on Linux System.

* Introduce and Understand Linux Containers and Application Virtualization
* Relate the Architecture of Containers to the Management of Our Applications
* Install and Configure Docker for Our Distribution
* Explore the Most Common Use Cases for Docker
* Understand the Power and Flexibility Application Virtualization Offers

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