Embedded Linux Development

Embedded Linux Development

Duration : 20 Hours

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
24/7 Support Live Class Video Recording

Introduction to Embedded Linux 
Benefits of using Linux and open source tools for embedded systems 
Embedded Linux system architecture
RISC / CISC platforms
RTOS based systems.
Cross-Compiler Tool-Chains
Different tool-chains’ build procedures
Need for cross tool-chain
Using pre-build cross tool-chain
Building our own cross tool-chain
Toolchain based approach to write a sample program.
Machine Emulator 
Why emulator
Installing emulator
Using emulator for ARM
Linux Booting Process
Linux booting sequence 
Components of Linux booting 
Tweaks and changes 
Use cases 
Introduction to u-boot
Overview of U-boot source 
Building U-boot for target ? Booting target with U-boot 
Understanding U-boot environment 
Transferring images to target using U-boot
Flashing Images 
Flashing kernel image 
Flashing file system

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