Linux Kernel Compilation and Debugging Techniques

Linux Kernel Compilation and Debugging Techniques

Duration : 20 Hours

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
24/7 Support Live Class Video Recording

An Overview of Unix/Linux
User Space vs Kernel space
Building Linux Kernel
Building Kernel
Building and installing Kernel
initrd and mkinitrd
grub : The boot Loader
Configuring the Kernel Compilation options
Kconfig / gconfig / oldconfig
Config Options
Essential for Kernel boot Process
Kernel Debugging
Debugging Philosophy
Built-in Debugging Support
Printk and misc
printk outputs
Debugging Data
kprobe / jprobe / kretprobes
Debugging Oops
Typical Oops
Kernel Oops
vmcore file
sysrq hacks
kexec and Kdump

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