Linux Device Driver Programming

Linux Device Driver Programming

Duration : 20 Hours

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
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Introduction to Linux Device Driver
What is device driver?
Why device driver?
What is user space and kernel space?
How user interact with H/W
Linux Driver Architecture 
Linux Driver model 
Types of Linux drivers
Driver stacks
PCI Device Drivers 
PCI basics 
Linux PCI bus stack 
PCI device access
Hardware access 
Device Addresses 
Port mapped I/O 
Interacting with port mapped devices 
Memory Mapped I/O 
Reserving address space MMIO 
MMIO Access 
Device access from u-space
Synchronous Driver Model 
Synchronous drivers defined 
Driver registration and de-registration 
Driver file interface 
Device file operations 
Driver data structures 
Device Configuration ops 
Wait Queues & polling 
Memory mapping 
Use cases
Interrupt Handling 
What is interrupt? 
Installing interrupt handler 
Enabling and Disabling Interrupts 
Top half and Bottom Half 
Tasklets &Workqueues 

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