Microsoft Azure Essentials

Microsoft Azure Essentials

Duration : 20 Hours

This course is your gateway into the Azure cloud world. Microsoft Azure essentials will explain you the basics of compute, storage and networking and then dive straight into some hands-on exposure on creating and running virtual machines and Azure cloud services. The instructor will also walk through certain storage concepts and how some of the key networking features can be utilized.

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
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1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
1.1 Evolution of cloud computing
1.2 Characteristics
1.3 Benefits and downsides
1.4 Deployment Models Service Models
1.5 Leading Providers
2. Microsoft Azure Platform and Services Overview
2.1 Compute
2.2 Date and Storage
2.3 Hybrid Integration
2.4 Networking Identity and Access Management
2.5 Web and Mobile
2.6 Analytics
3. Azure Compute Services
3.1 Virtual Machines:
3.1.1 Typical workloads
3.1.2 Creating, Stopping, Starting, Deleting
3.1.3 Scaling - up/out, availability sets, manual/auto
3.2 Cloud Services:
3.2.1 Web and Worker Roles
3.2.2 Creating and deploying, deployment slots
3.2.3 Scaling out
3.2.4 Monitor metrics, setup alerts
3.3 Introduction to web app and web jobs
4. Data and Storage on Azure Platform
4.1 SQL Database:
4.1.1 Comparison with SQL Server
4.1.2 Creating and Connecting
4.1.3 Scale - service tiers
4.1.4 Cloud features - Point in time recovery, Geo replication
4.2 Azure Storage:
4.2.1 Blobs
4.2.2 Tables
4.2.3 Queues
5. Azure Service Bus
5.1 Relay service
5.2 Topics and Subscriptions
5.3 Queues
6. Networking Features
6.1 Virtual Network:
6.1.1 Typical workloads
6.1.2 Creation
6.1.3 Deploying cloud services and VMs
6.2 Introduction to VPN
6.3 Azure Load Balancer
6.4 Introduction to Traffic Manager
6.5 Introduction to CDN





Familiarity with operating systems, virtualilzation, networks, databases, any programming language will be helpful

During the course, we'll explore:
a) Brief history of cloud computing
b) Overview of Microsoft Azure services
c) Compute Services
d) Data and Storage
e) Hybrid Integration with Service Bus
f) Networking features

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