Duration : 20 Hours

 “No to SQL” or “Not only SQL” has evolved over the years and has been the talking point of Software industry. There are designated NoSQL products to solve set of specific problems and MongoDB is one such product which has been designed to implement Document based Data Stores.  This is an ideal course to develop the understanding of basic NoSQL concepts and getting into the implementation details of MongoDB for developers to create scalable applications using Java and other programming languages.

Course Features

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1. NoSql Introduction
1.1 The brief understanding of NoSql Databases and the rise of document based databases.
1.2 Evolution of NoSql CAP Theorem Sql vs NoSql
2. Installing/Configuring MongoDB
2.1 Installation and configuration of MongoDB on Win/Linux. 
2.2 Mongo Shell fundamentals
2.4 Mongo Shell
2.5 Database Collections
2.6 Data Types.
3. CRUD Operations
3.1 The chapter is focused on DB operations and accessing data through Java drivers
3.2 Create
3.3 Read
3.4 Update
3.5 Delete
3.6 Special operators
4. Schema Design
4.1 Nitty gritty of schema design
4.2 Denormalization of data
4.3 Indexes and Explain Plans
5. Aggregation Framework
5.1 Group
5.2 Sorting
5.3 Order
5.4 Map Reduce
6. Replication and Sharding
6.1 Replication
6.2 Sharded Clusters
6.3 Mongorestore/import/export/mongodump
7. Java & MongoDB
7.1 Building Java Applications with MongoDB


Prerequisites for learning MongoDB includes technical knowledge on Java at an Intermediate level, Basics of Linux and Databases and good knowledge about Computer Science.

On conclusion of the course the participant would acquire the following knowledge:
a. Understand broad concepts of NoSQL
b. Gain foundational knowledge of MongoDB
c.CRUD operations on MongoDB
d. Basic understanding of high availability using Sharding and Replication
e. Java drivers for MongoDB to built highly scalable applications.

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