Python Essentials - Advance

Python Essentials - Advance

Duration : 20 Hours

Python Essentials - Advance course is designed to provide a holistic understanding of advance concept of Python. This course will cover python modules & packages, OOPs & Classes in Python,  Python integeration with C,  expection handling in python, debugging python code, XML & config parsing in python, Python interation with mysql database etc.

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
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1. Python Modules and Packages
What is module?
How to create and import module
Built in modules and user defined modules
What is package?
How to create and use package?
2. OOP and Classes in Python
Basic introduction to OOP
Class and objects in Python
Inheritance in Python
3. Python integration with C
Introduction to ctypes module
Mapping of c data types to Python data type
4. Exception Handling
What is exception
Why exception handling
How to handle exceptions in Python
5. Python debugger (PDB)
Introduction to pdb
Pdb commands
6. XML and Config file parsing
XML parsing using ETree
7. Database Programming
Introduction to Python DB-API
DB modules in Python
MySQL DB connection
MySQL DB creation
CRUD operations on MySQLDB
8. Unittest Framework
Introduction to testing
Introduction to test automation
Introduction to unittest framework
How to use unittest for test automation

Student should have attended PYTHON ESSENTIALS - BASICS course or must hold knowledge equalant to PYTHON ESSENTIALS - BASICS course

Under Python Essentials - Advance course following topics will be covered 
1. Python modules & packages
2. OOPs & Classes in Python
3. Python integeration with C
4. Expection handling in Python
5. Debugging Python code
6. XML & config parsing in Python
7. Python interation with mysql database etc.

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