Python Essentials - Basics

Python Essentials - Basics

Duration : 20 Hours
This course is designed to provide a holistic understanding of Python as generic programming language. This course will cover the introduction and installation of python, understanding basics of programming constructs in Python and further exploring the advance concepts of python. 

Course Features

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1. Introduction to Python
1.1 Why Python?
1.2 Brief history of Python
1.3 Career options in Python
2. Installation
2.1 What is Python interpreter?
2.2 Difference between interpreter and compiler
2.3 Python interpreter versions
2.4 Python interpreter download and installation on windows and Linux
2.5 Quick run through Python directory and important files and subdirectories
3. Getting Started
3.1 Executing Python source file from command prompt
3.2 Executing Python source file from IDLE
3.3 Popular open source IDEs for Python
3.4 Introduction to Python shell
4. Variables, Functions and Operators
4.1 What are variables
4.2 What are data types
4.3 Dynamic typing vs static typing
4.4 Scope of variables in python
4.5 Exercises
4.6 What are functions?
4.7 Function definition and function invocation syntax
4.8  Execution flow in functions
4.9  Different types of function parameters
4.10 Python Operators
5. Control Flow
5.1 Decision making statement: If-else, if-elif-else, nested if statements
5.2 Looping statement: for, while break, continue, pass
6. Python Data Structures
6.1 String
6.2 List
6.3 Tuple
6.4 Dictionary
6.5 Set
6.6.Hybrid/complex data structure
8. File IO and Regular Expressions
8.1 File operations
8.2 Special Characters used in RE
8.3 Re module and its methods
9. Exception Handling
9.1 What is exception
9.2 Why exception handling
9.3 How to handle exceptions in Python
10. Python debugger (PDB)
10.1 Introduction to pdb
10.2 Pdb commands

Good to have computer science basics.

1. Introduction to Python
2. Understanding all the basic programming constructs in Python
3. Understanding object oriented concepts in Python
4. Exception handling and debugging in Python

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