Duration : 20 Hours

Selenium is open source Automation Testing Tool ,provides functional and regression test automation for software web applications

Course Features

Certificate Trainer: 10+ Years of IT Exp
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1. Introduction
1.1  Need of Test Automation
1.2  Why Open Source Test Automation
1.3  Introduction to Various tools of Test Automation
2. Introduction to Selenium
2.1 Introduction of Selenium
2.2 Components of Selenium
3. Selenium IDE
3.1  Introduction
3.2 Create Test suite
3.3 Create Scripts
3.4 Assignments
4.1 Introduction to HTML
5. Object Identification Tools
5.1 Introduction to Firebug/Web Developer/DOM
6. Introcution ot Java and Eclipse
6.1 Introduction to Java and Eclipse
7. Condtional Statements
7.1 Conditional Statements and Data type conversion
8. Selenium Webdriver
8.1 Introduction
8.2  Configuration in Eclipse
8.3 Setup Firebug for Firefox
8.4 Setup Web Driver package on system for eclipse
8.5 Exporting pre-recorded test scenario in IDE to Web Driver, and executing it
9. Selenium Commands
9.1 Selenium Commands:
9.1.1 Element Locators
9.1.2 Action Commands
9.1.3Verification and Assertion
10. Web Tables
10.1 Handling Web Table
 10.2 SwtichTo Command -Handling Frames, Popup Windows.
10.3 Concept of Synchronization
11. Page Object Model
11.1 Introduction to Page Object Model
12. Framework
12.1 Introduction to Automation Framework
13. Testng and Junit
13.1 Introduction to Testng and Junit
14. Excel Operation
14.1 Introduction to Excel Red Write

Basic Programming Knowledge

The course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience.

Topics include:

* Introduction to Automation Testing

* Selenium Ide

* Selenium Webdriver

* Page Object Model

* Automation Framewoirk

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